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Case Studies

To understand the shopper behavior and to predict future sale.

The Mega Store was not performing to the desired levels of sales.
Targeting specific customer & Generating revenue.
Our Methodology
Conducted F2F and CATI for 1000 shoppers.
Secondary research on Competition analysis, consumer behaviour.
Analysis done as -Key attribute for sales, SWOT, marketing & sales promotion, buying pattern, cost, spending capacity.
GENERALIZED LINEAR MODEL to forecast the sales, consumer behavior impact analysis.
Revenue increased by 10 % a with margin also increased due to process optimization.
Based on our analysis, marketing strategy improved and they were able to set correct pricing

Conducting Market research for online service provider for consumer behavior and trends

Started the project with business planning, identifying target customers, and deciding type of research to be conducted then conducting primary as well as secondary research and preparing reports and analyzing the trends. The report generates trends and provide conclusions on probable customer trends